HKTT supports all engineers looking for workin China and Hong Kong.
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"Service Contracts" and "Recruitment". We can help you find a position in China and Hong Kong that fits your style of working.

Service Contracts
Career Services

HKTT delivers personalized, high-quality and high-speed services based on service contracts to Japanese firms with locally incorporated companies or factories.
We support all engineers who want to make use of their technological abilities and test their potential in the vibrant Chinese market.

We continue to follow up even after you have started your position.

  • We carry out checks regarding your mental well being as needed.
  • We can provide assistance in finding accommodation.
  • Where necessary, we also provide support with the visa application process.
  • Even after you have started your new position, we want you to feel free to be able to consult us or ask questions about anything.

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Recruitment Services Guide
Recruitment Services

HKTT is a comprehensive HR services company specializing in recruitment for engineering positions in China and Hong Kong.
We provide support as a partner to all of our recruits living in China and Hong Kong, as well as those thinking about moving here to work.

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